Tailored Wellness Collections

Explore our carefully curated wellness collections, each designed to address your pet’s unique needs.
From the calming serenity of our Soothing Range to the vitality boosting Skin & Coat Range, we’ve crafted specialized treats for mobility, dental care, and even our petite friends in the Mini Dog Range.
Dive into our selection for targeted, natural care that speaks directly to your pet’s wellness and happiness. Perfectly balanced, deeply nourishing, and always delicious – they’re simply Too Good To Share.

Smile Brighter Kit


for dog and mini dog

Active Life Essentials

mobility RANGE

for dog and mini dog

Vitality 100% Salmon

Skin & coat range

for cat, dog and mini dog

Ultimate Calm Collection

soothing range

for cat, dog and mini dog

Small Paws, Big Health

mini dog range

special mini dog recipes