Share Natural Adventure’s heart with an unwavering passion for dogs and cats. First and foremost, we are a French team of dog and cat lovers passionate about animal nutrition. Our journey began with a simple dream: to share our love and respect for our four-legged friends through a range of treats and soon kibbles that redefine the standards of quality and taste in pet nutrition. “Share” and “Natural Adventure” encapsulate our mission: to offer our animal friends a premium, natural taste experience.

Our philosophy: Quality, Nature and Sharing

Made in France with Love: We proudly produce our delicious recipes in the Hauts de France region. This choice of location reflects our commitment to the local economy, benefiting from renowned French agro-industrial expertise. Each recipe is crafted with care and dedication here. First Choice Ingredients: At Share Natural Adventure, our ingredients are 100% natural, human-grade, and sourced only in Europe to guarantee freshness and traceability. Our commitment goes beyond words; it translates into grain-free recipes, free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives.


Our products stand apart because we use fresh salmon as the sole source of protein. Salmon is recognized for its exceptional animal health benefits: it improves skin and coat, supports heart and brain function, and boosts the immune system. This choice illustrates our quest for excellence and our desire to offer healthy and irresistibly tasty food. Salmon is generally easy to digest for many dogs and cats, which is crucial for animals with food sensitivities or digestive disorders. Improved digestibility means that the animal can absorb essential nutrients more easily without causing additional stress on its digestive system.

A Mission of Pleasure and Health

Our ultimate goal? Every Share treat and kibble should be a source of pure joy for our pets. We want our recipes to be more than just food; they should be an experience of intense pleasure, strengthening the unique bond between you and your pet. Because for us, your pet’s joy is our joy, too. We have treats that are always Too Good to Share!

Committed to the future

Share Natural Adventure doesn’t just feed the present. We are building a future where every animal benefits from a diet that respects its well-being and environment. Our ambitions are great, but our values of quality, naturalness, and sharing remain the unshakeable foundations on which we build our brand every day. Join us on this extraordinary adventure, where every shared treat opens the door to new taste discoveries and unforgettable moments of complicity with your pets. Together, let’s celebrate life, taste, and unconditional love for our faithful friends.