Salmon Oil

Pure Omega 3. Our salmon oil, made exclusively from salmon, is designed to accompany your cat’s or dog’s meals daily. This recipe, rich in protein, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, EPE and DHEA, ensures your pet’s good health and beautiful coat. Salmon oil promotes healthy muscles, organs, and metabolism and helps strengthen the immune system, and inhibits infection.


250 ml



27.96 € / kg


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Salmon Oil
Promotes healthy skin and coat, supports puppy brain development, strengthens the immune system, helps prevent heart and kidney problems

"This snack, naturally rich in essential fatty acids, will help keep your companion's hips and joints healthy."

Suitable for cats and dogs


100% Salmon Oil
Skin and Coat
Immune System
Promotes palatability

Poids net

250 ml




100% Salmon oil

Ration journalière recommandée

Poids de l’animal

Quantité recommandée

5 – 7.5 ml
Dog Up to 12 kg
5 – 10 ml
Dog 12 kg – 25 kg
12 – 17 ml
Dog 25 kg and more
20 – 25 ml

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Samira Belacem
I give oil a little every day

A little every day I pour salmon oil into my cat's kibble to whet his appetite. he is old and a little difficult. It works perfectly and is full of omega 3.

Johan Lalo
Une odeur forte qui rend fou mon chat

Bon j'avoue que mon chat a chang totalement sa facon d'aborder la gamelle quotidienne. Deux gouttes d'huile de Saumon, j'ai l'impression qu'il mange du caviar. Top rien a dire.

John Dagim
A pleasant, marine fragrance

At home, we love fish, grilled, smoked, as a dish or on skewers. Twitty also likes his fish in oil. The whole family is happy.

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Good day-to-day practices

It's good for Health

Treats made in our Franch factory located in Boulogne-sur-Mer

Receips made by veterinarians and nutritionists

Natural ingredients only

Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat

Grain Free

Share Natural: essential treats for your pets! With top-quality natural ingredients, including succulent fresh salmon, our treats combine pleasure and well-being. At Share Natural, we value love and respect for our faithful four-legged friends. We’re dedicated to providing tasty, beneficial treats that keep your pet happy. Opt for quality and happiness for your loyal companion!